"Introduction to STEM!"

Many join us because they want to be introduced to STEM and experience what it is to innovate a solution to world's problems using principles of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics!

According to statistics published by Stanford University Selection Process, Stanford University admit rate is 4.8%.  However 58% of applicants have GPA 4.0 and above. 36% of applicant have SAT Critical Reading Score between 700-799 and 10% have score 800. Similar data for SAT Math and Writing. This story is NOT of Stanford alone, it is for every good college. They're looking for 'that little extra' which tells them you're different from everyone else!

So the big question is - What do I need to do for good colleges to pick me up?

Now consider this fact: ONLY 0.2% of high-school students have ever invented something and owns a patent! DiscoverSTEM trains you to THINK, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, CREATE and eventually INNOVATE. Approximately 80% of our students innovate amazing stuffs and apply for patents, even before completion of the program! They immediately gets an upper hand in all their college and scholarships applications. That's the reason our student's get picked up by top colleges and offered scholarships. In last 24 months, we've mentored several students who got into Stanford, Harvard, Duke and as MIT Interns and have been offered scholarships worth $560K. 

"College & Scholarship Applications!"

"I want to be a YOUNG ACHIEVER!"

Imagine inventing something useful for mankind! Imagine people reading about you in newspaper! Imagine yourself seen by your friends, families and teachers on TV! Imagine participating and winning international innovation competitions! Imagine best colleges trying to attract you with great scholarship packages! Imagine strangers talking to you at airport: "Hey, are you the inventor of this stuff? I saw you on TV"! If this idea excites you, then DiscoverSTEM programs could take you there as we've taken many of our student and made them 'Child Prodigy'. See our SUCCESS STORY section to meet some young achievers we've created!

These days we've information available on our fingertips. Life is fast and we need everything ready-made. We don't want to spend time on processing or thinking. Now imagine this situation: What would have happened if Isaac Newton would have just Googled - "why apple fell on my head and not went to sky?" Someone might have given him a ready-made answer saving Newton's time on thinking. But what happened on the contrary? Newton THOUGHT HIMSELF and found an answer, thus giving us his famous 'Law of Gravity' and Calculus! THINKING, CRITICALLY ANALYZING, REASONING, BRAINSTORMING, EVALUATING, CREATING & INNOVATING are some amazing skills we're losing. We need these skills to be successful in life and career. DiscoverSTEM is started by some of the top scientists and engineers to teach you these very important learning and development traits in a way which is easy and fun!

"Thinking Out-of-the-Box and INNOVATING!"

"I am BORED of same old stuffs! Want to try something NEW!"

Many students join us because they are BORED of same old 'ready to assemble; kits in the name of STEM, which as they say - "all it teaches us in the name of STEM is to follow instructions to assemble it and a couple of line of codes". Do you think the same and want to try something NEW, something which has positive and LIFELONG IMPACT on your SKILLS, THOUGHT PROCESS, COLLEGE APPLICATIONS, SCHOLARSHIPS, CAREER and YOU, as a person? We invite you to get into a DiscoverSTEM program and see what real STEM, THINKING and INNOVATION is!

We mentored kids as young as 9 years who presented amazing ideas which were rated as best even by NASA scientists! We refined and took that idea to NASA competition where it won FIRST prize among 10,000 kids from 21 countries! We also moved a patent application for these ideas at a very subsidized cost. Gone are the days you need to grow up to invent something. If you've an idea, scientists at DiscoverSTEM can help you refine it and move a patent  application at less half the cost of any patent attorney in USA!

"Have an amazing IDEA but don't know where to START!"